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About our dog day care

We know how hard it must be for owners to choose the right dog day care for their best friends - and we hope that the following information may help you decide to choose Bark2School Dog Day Care.

We believe our educational dog day care centre is unique - Why?

Because we...

  • Care about your dog
  • It's not just about the number of dogs we can accept
  • We promise that we will maintain a very high standard, and quality of care
  • We will offer an individual personal service
  • We restrict the numbers of dogs attending the centre daily - as dog trainers and behaviourist we believe that smaller numbers of dogs at the centre will allow us to regulate your dog's play and educate each dog separately and to teach dog's self-control and manners.
  • Small numbers mean we can offer your dog individual attention
  • We offer 1-1 mini training sessions
  • Each dog will have its own personal daily activity schedule
  • Each dog will have play time
  • Each dog will be offered mental stimulation exercises
  • Daily walks
  • Transported to our fenced field for off lead and play time (full time dogs only)
  • Brushing and gentle massage
  • Interactive play equipment
  • Relaxation and quiet time in "quiet" rooms with comfy beds, music and sofas.

What other benefits can a dog day care centre offer your dog?

Dog Day Care Gosport
Coming to the dog day centre may:
  • May eliminate behavioural problems arising in your dog
  • Reduce stress levels in your dog
  • Enhance and develop better social skills
  • Build on your dog's actual social skills

Coming to the dog day care centre will:
  • Provide regular play with other dogs (but in an educational way) not a free for all
  • Regular daily walks
  • Regular off lead fun and playtime in our fenced field (full time dogs only)
  • Regular Mental Stimulation exercises

Coming to the dog day care centre we can offer our owners:
  • Experienced caring staff who understands dogs
  • Fully council licensed and Insurance
  • Regular updates and pictures of your dog
  • Other comprehensive pet services including, holiday pet sitting, dog walking, puppy and obedience training courses, agility, First Aid for dog owners course, workshops and seminars.

You may ask - is a dog day care centre good for all dogs?

In our experience we would say no - not all dogs are appropriate day care candidates. Some dogs are sociable species but that doesn't mean all dogs get along with each other. Just like us humans we don't always get on with one another.

It's very important when considering sending your dog to a dog day care centre - that you evaluate your dog's personality and behaviour to determine if your dog has the potential to do well at the dog day care centre. It's really important that we get this right for your dog - so please if you need any further help or advice on how to decide or not to send your dog to the dog day care centre, we would be delighted to meet you and your dog so we can work out what is best for your dog together.

What will it cost you?

Prices range from £14.50 - £23.00 depending on the number of days booked and whether part time or full time.

You may download our price list here.

To book or discuss your dog's needs please complete our contact form.

We look forward to meeting you and your dog very soon.

Go To Work or Out for the Day Knowing
That Your Dog Will Receive The Best Possible Care

Our Dedicated Dog Care Staff


Ros is an APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Trainer which promotes positive, motivational methods of training, and adheres to a strict APDT Code of Practise.

She has worked and helped owners with a vast range of different animals from dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs to ponies and horses over many years.

Ros has been successfully been running Bark2school dog training company for over 10 years in Gosport - and she is now with her son Danny able to offer and overseeing the new Dog Day Care Centre in Gosport.. Ros prides herself on offering a friendly, supportive service to all of her owners and their puppies, dogs and other pets

Ros is also a trainer for the KCGCS (The Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme) (Reference am/1150/GCDS), a proud member of the Pet Professional Guide (PPG) and the Dr Ian Dunbar Academy.

Dog Day Care Gosport

Having been involved in dog training for many years, Ros places a strong emphasis on positive dog training and rehabilitation. She continues to further her knowledge by studying with Canine Principles (all courses are accredited by a qualified animal behaviourist) and is working through the Canine Diploma, together with many other accredited diplomas and certificate courses. As a member of the relevant organisations she has access to a number of video libraries, links and updated information. She continues to attend practical seminars and courses to enhance and further her knowledge. In her spare time, which she admits isn't much nowadays, she loves to spend time with her pug Holly, and her very supportive family.


Dog Day Care Gosport

Bark2School for dog day care Gosport. Leave your dog for the day at our dog creche in Gosport. Dog sitting Gosport.

Dog Day Care Gosport
Dog Day Care Gosport

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